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Kantaa ottava teatteriesitys Port Lokossa.

Sierraleonean youth uses theater as a means of influencing. The theater play in the picture talks about gender-based violence. The play was performed in a school in Port Loko. Photo: Tanja Seppänen

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Centre for Coordination of Youth Activities is Taksvärkki’s partner organization in Sierra Leone. Cooperation between organizations strengthens equality, young people’s participation in decision-making and their livelihood opportunities.

Kartassa oranssi Afrikan manner ja sen vieressä erillinen suurennettu Sierra Leonen kartan ääriviivat. Sierra Leonen kartasta johtaa viiva sen oikeaan sijaintipaikkaan Afrikan mantereen länsirannikolla.

Did you know that

Sierra Leone is located on the west coast of Africa. Its’ neighbouring countries are Guinea and Liberia. There are over 8 million inhabitants in the country out of which 60 % are under 25 years old. Sierra Leone got its independence from the United Kingdom in 1961. The official language of the country is English but the most widely spoken language is called Krio. The capital, Freetown, was founded in the 18th century for the people that were enslaved and freed from the Caribbean, Americas as well as England.


“It’s important to end female genital mutilation. Education is the best. I’m proud of my education. I’m proud of myself, how I’m sensitizing my peers at school. I would like to do advocacy work through drama.

Aminata, 14, Sierra Leone


“Allow girls to learn. When a girl has been educated it is very important for the community.”

Lansana, 20, Sierra Leone


“Because of my education I have learnt how to be confident, how women can be strong. Women don’t have to depend on men no more, you can stand on your own. When a man puts 2000 leones, you can put 5000.”

Adama, 25, Sierra Leone

Ansun kuva.

“Knowing my rights is a privilege. It’s power, knowledge is power. We aim at people knowing their rights.”

Ansu, 28, Sierra Leone


“I believe in my own little corner I will create a change.”

Kadiatu, 24, Sierra Leone


“Influencing can be something really small. Small steps make a big change.”

Rudrakshi, 13, Finland


“Everyone can make an impact and it can start with really small actions and it’s easiest to start with things that are important to you. There are so many ways to influence .”

Aava, 12, Finland


“I want to influence my own age group and show them why it is important to influence themes that are important to me.

Siiri, 12, Finland


“Disabled people have been pushed aside in our community. We have got support from Taksvärkki and now we are listened to more. We should be taken as equals.”

Ibrahim, 17, Sierra Leone


“I want to make sure us the disabled are not pushed away. I have the right to do everything others do too.”

Abioseh, 15, Sierra Leone


“When I advocate something and it happens, it gives me strength and makes me want to do more.“

Fatu, 15, Sierra Leone