Lukuralli Readathon inspires children to read

Taksvärkki ry’s Lukuralli Readathon campaign inspires students to read and helps them understand the significance of literacy. Reading is an essential element that greatly affects the development of skills, imagination and creativity of a child. It is also the key to one’s involvement in society.

What is Lukuralli Readathon?

The Lukuralli Readathon campaign encourages students in Finland to read and promotes understanding of the importance of literacy and education.

During their four-week Lukuralli Readathon the students are encouraged to read as much as possible – both in school and in their free time as well, while supporting the education of children and youth in Nepal.

Lukuralli campaign inspires students to read more while also supporting children’s education in Nepal. School classes and other groups can participate in Lukuralli Readathon any time during the school year.

Lukuralli in the classroom

To support the teacher’s path through the Lukuralli Readathon we have collected a material package which includes everything from the information package to fun exercises for the whole class. The materials will be sent to you after your registration. Some of it can be downloaded from Lukuralli’s webpage.

Lukuralli Readathon supports the transversal competence goals of the curriculum (POPS 2016), such as thinking and learning to learn, multiliteracy and participation, involvement and building a sustainable future. Lukuralli Readathon can be linked to many different subjects and it offers a way to get to learn various themes of global education together with the students.

Have a shared reading experience in Finnish or English (or any other language) class for example, sharing thoughts on the importance of reading and books the students have read.

Knowledge of the importance of literacy and children’s rights will be gained with the pedagogic material and class exercises, while getting to know the dreams and everyday lives of the children and Nepal.

Sign up for Lukuralli Readathon

Sign up for Lukuralli Readathon by using the form on Lukuralli website or by emailing us at

Taksvärkki also offers a wide array of other free global citizenship education materials in Finnish.

The video clip below has subtitles in English, Finnish and Swedish. You can also change other subtitles settings such as font size from the gear icon in the video’s lower right corner in YouTube.

Photo: Lukuralli participants from a school in Espoo.
Video: Students from Taksvärkki’s project school in Eastern Nepal.