Taksvärkki Fundraising

Every young person has the right to make a change. In Taksvärkki, youth make impact together. The profits of the 2022–2023 Taksvärkki campaign allow youth to continue their advocacy work. 

Neljä nepalilaista nuorta keskustelee pöydän ääressä, Taksvärkki kampanjan kuva..
Ishika and Ashmita are active members of the student council in their school.

Together we can make an impact

The Taksvärkki campaign Who cares? focuses on young people making an impact. We want to encourage young people to experiment and find unique ways to influence things that are important to them.

During the academic year 2022–2023 the Taksvärkki fundraising campaign supports youth advocacy work. In the “Who cares?” -campaign young changemakers share their opinions about participating and the barriers to getting one’s voice heard.

Human rights apply to everyone. Everyone should be involved in decision-making and making an impact.

Get to know young changemakers and the goals of Taksvärkki’s campaign on the “Who cares?” -website. On the campaign website, you will find messages and video messages from youth, as well as instructions for schools participating in the Taksvärkki fundraising campaign.

Proceeds from the Taksvärkki fundraising will support the work of youth organizations in Guatemala, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Sierra Leone and Zambia. Youth groups defend the equal rights of young people and the appreciation of diversity. Non-discrimination is a key principle of the groups.

Young people work together with adults and decision-makers. This is how we bring about change.

The challenges are global and common. Together we can solve them. By participating in the Taksvärkki Workday you are contributing to building a fairer world.

Taksvärkki from youth to youth

The purpose of Taksvärkki campaigns is to encourage Finnish students and pupils to become active global citizens and arouse the desire to act for a fairer world.

By participating in Taksvärkki and through their Taksvärkki Workday, Finnish youth support Taksvärkki’s development projects. The goal is that youth will become active actors in their communities and promoters of development.

Free global education materials will be sent to all participating schools: campaign posters and a student guide to be used in lessons. The video messages of the young people can be viewed on Taksvärkki’s “Who cares?” website. You can participate in the campaign and the Taksvärkki fundraising campaign at any time during the 2022–2023 academic year.

In Finland, the Taksvärkki campaign has a strong development education component. Our volunteer Global Educators visit elementary and secondary schools in different parts of Finland and hold workshops on youth advocacy work, equality, discrimination, and children’s rights. These workshops are complemented by high-quality learning materials and study packages for teachers. The goal is to raise a sense of global responsibility in Finnish youth and to build links between youth.

Your Taksvärkki workday can be any day during the school year. Do you need help or tips organizing a Taksvärkki Day? Please contact us: ilmoittautuminen@taksvarkki.fi

Who cares? campaign poster in Finnish

Taksvärkki ry’s fundraising permits in Finland: RA/2021/1029 (Mainland Finland, from 13.8.2021) and ÅLR 2022/4545 (Åland, 1.8.2022–31.7.2023). 

Do you need help or tips organizing a Taksvärkki Day? Please contact us!

Milka Autio
Fundraising Coordinator

+358 50 341 5507

"By being active we can change things in our society."
Ishika, 15, Nepal

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