Operating Principles

Operating principles

Taksvärkki’s operational focus is on young changemakers and equality, especially gender equality and disability inclusion.   

Taksvärkki’s operations and development cooperation aim at social change. Young people activate themselves to defend their rights and develop their communities. At the same time, adults provide better opportunities for this. 

Kaksi nuorta puhumassa luokan edessä.
Training session in Nepal led by youth.

Global citizenship education and development communications are also key elements of Taksvärkki’s development cooperation program. The program aims to increase the capabilities of Finnish youth to take action in the global framework, and to promote solidarity. Due to global interdependencies, improved well-being and the participation of young people in developing countries also benefit Finns. The message of the program to Finnish youth is that their actions have global significance, supporting their growth as active global citizens.

The development cooperation program 2022–2025 describes more specifically the principals and goals of Taksvärkki’s (ODF Finland) activities. Program is funded by program support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

More information:

Veera Blomster
Program Officer
tel. +358 50 495 3778

Jaakko Lavonius
Program Officer
tel. +358 44 544 5657

Development Cooperation Program 2022–2025

During the 2022–2025 program period Taksvärkki’s development cooperation program will be implemented in Guatemala, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Zambia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Zambia. It will be implemented by local youth organizations, supporting them to strengthen local civil society. This cooperation requires shared values and objectives to promote active citizenship. 

Taksvärkki works closely with partner organizations, in particular to strengthen their capacities. In addition to projects with partner organizations, Taksvärkki’s development cooperation consists of global education and development communication in Finland. The ODW program is based on the rights, needs and choices of young people in vulnerable situations. Its objective is social change, in which young people, supported by duty-bearers, become active in developing their own lives and communities.

Each year, the program activities provide more than 2,000 young people in vulnerable situations with the opportunity for education and for becoming active in developing the communities in which they live. The common objective of all program partners is to empower young people, promote youth participation in society and defend youth rights. The target groups include girls who have dropped out of school, youth living and working on the street and students living in remote areas. Special focus during the program period will be on improving the disability inclusion capacity of partners and promoting the participation of youth with disabilities. Special attention will also be paid to strengthening the advocacy work carried out by partner organizations.

Strategy of ODW Finland

Taksvärkki's strategy taking effect from year 2021.

Strategy of ODW Finland (pdf).

Ethical priciples and operating instructions of ODW Finland

Taksvärkki's ethical principles and operating instructions for personnel, board members, volunteers and others acting on behalf of the organization. Ethical principles of ODW Finland (pdf). Do you want to know more or express concerns? Please contact taksvarkki@taksvarkki.fi

Taksvärkki is committed to these Guidelines for Ethical Development Communications produced by Fingo, the umbrella organization for Finnish development NGOs.

Evaluation of ODW Finland (2018–2020)

External evalution of Taksvärkki's Development Cooperation Program was completed in December 2020. You can download the evaluation report on this page: Taksvärkki Program Evaluation 2020, final report (pdf)
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