Right to be me

Together with youth in Nepal we can end discrimination

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3 reasons to choose Taksvärkki

Young changemakers

Student clubs in schools in Nepal work towards a society without discrimination. Nepalese youth are changemakers who challenge discriminating attitudes and defend children’s rights.

Nepalilainen nuori lähikuvassa.

”By being active we can really make a change in our society.”

Ishika, 15, Nepal

Nepalilainen nuori lähikuvassa.

“Gender based discrimination is a big problem. We can change the attitudes of people.”
 Salin, 15, Nepal

In Taksvärkki you support youth in Nepal

Ääriviivoin kuvatut kolme henkilöä ja kolme puhekuplaa.

15 €

3-days camp on leadership skills and making a difference for one youth.

Piirroksessa megafonin ääriviivat.

150 €

Information spot on youth rights on local radio made by a student council.

Yksinkertaisessa piirroksessa kestoside.

15 €

A set of reusable menstrual pads and menstrual health training for four girls.

Young changemakers in Nepal

Materials for teachers

Learning materials, workshops and video clips.

Enroll your school

Organize a traditional Taksvärkki Day where everyone works for one day to support youth in Nepal or help your students to organize their own fundraising event.

How it all works in Taksvärkki fundraising

Sydän ääriviivat ja ympyrä jossa euron merkki.

Taksvärkki (ODW) fundraising

Youth in Finland raise funds by working for a day and donating their pay to Taksvärkki campaign

Nepal maan ääriviivat ja karttamerkki.

Youth organization ECCA

In Taksvärkki’s and ECCA’s project we develop schools together with local actors and promote equality

Ääriviivoin kuvatut kolme henkilöä ja kolme puhekuplaa.

Local student councils

Students get training and train others on participation, equality and ending discrimination. 

Suomalainen nuori lähikuvassa.

”It’s important to be able to be yourself.
If that is taken away, then what is truly yours in life?”

Ranja, 16, Helsinki, Finland

Nepalilainen nuori lähikuvassa.

”Youth face similar challenges everywhere in the world. First the challenges need to be recognized and then we can solve them together.”

Chandani, 17, Jhapa, Nepal