Children’s rights handbook for schools now in English!

”I found the topic and exercises interesting and important and they made me think.” – pupil’s feedback on children’s rights workshop.

Taksvärkki’s popular handbook for child rights education. The Right!- handbook gives participatory and inclusive tools for the discussion of this important topic at schools. The activities, games and exercises in Right! -handbook combine reflection with experiential learning. Using methods introduced in Right!, you can build up a complete course of any length, from a fifteen-minute introduction to the subject to a day-long workshop.

First published in 2009, the methodological handbook has continued to be a popular tool among educators through the years, while students have been inspired by and have given very positive feedback on its exercises.

“The session was clearly interesting for the students. They concentrated on their pair work and really thought about the topics.” -Teacher’s feedback on Taksvärkki’s workshop.
Right! has been prepared in cooperation between Taksvärkki ry and the Teacher Student Union of Finland, SOOL. Both organizations believe it is extremely important to increase teachers’ understanding and awareness of child rights education. We hope that this handbook will be a useful tool for teachers in planning their classes. The handbook has been translated into English with the financial support from the Nordic Council of Ministers.

We wish you rewarding and inspiring teaching moments with the Rights of the Child!

Download or print the Right! handbook here
text: Riina Halme