Taksvärkki is looking for evaluators

Taksvärkki is looking for two evaluators or team(s) to carry out participatory evaluation processes for the Development Cooperation Program: “Meaningful Youth Participation in Sustainable Development“.

  • A program level evaluation, including field visits in Nepal during August, is to be conducted in English with flexible schedules between May and October
  • A mid-term evaluation for the project “Entre Amigos Construimos Ciudadanía Política” to be conducted in Guatemala between May and September (field visits preferably during the end of July and beginning of August)

Taksvärkki ry is a Finnish civil society organization (CSO) promoting the rights of children and young people by strengthening meaningful youth participation through development projects in the Global South and Global Citizenship Education in Finland.

The purpose of these evaluations is to enhance understanding on the extent and significance of the outcomes achieved with contribution from the Taksvärkki program in different contexts, especially from human rights and equity perspective, and in strengthening the local civil societies through partnership and mutual learning. The preferred methodological approach to be applied is Outcome Harvesting.

The findings and learnings of these evaluations will guide Taksvärkki and its partners in defining future priorities of the work, including the areas and strategies for mutual learning with and between the partners. These decisions will be concretized in Taksvärkki’s development cooperation program to be implemented from 2026 onwards. 

It is possible to include both assignments in a proposal by a team involving a local expert based in Guatemala or Central America.

Submission of proposals is by 14.4.2024. Please read the Terms of Reference (TOR) for both assignments below for details.

1) Program level evaluation, including field visits in Nepal.

TOR for the program evaluation (pdf file).

2) Project evaluation in Guatemala, conducted in Spanish.
(Evaluación intermedia del proyecto “Entre Amigos Construimos Ciudadanía Política” en Guatemala.)

TOR for the evaluation in Guatemala (pdf file in Spanish)