ODW Finland’s development cooperation programme

ODW Finland’s aim is to encourage young people in Finland and developing countries to build a fair and sustainable world. Operation A Day’s Work Finland (Taksvärkki ry) is a Finnish non-governmental organisation engaged in development cooperation.

The objective of ODW Finland’s development cooperation programme is to promote youth rights and the participation of young people in society as well as active citizenship in Finland and the countries involved in the programme. During the programme period 2018–2021, ODW Finland will operate in Guatemala, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Sierra Leone and Zambia. The programme’s objective is social change, in which young people, supported by duty-bearers, become active in developing their own lives and communities. Through its development cooperation projects, ODW Finland supports local youth organisations active in Global South.

The ODW programme is based on the rights, needs and choices of young people in vulnerable situations. Direct support to NGOs in developing countries strengthens the local civil society and increases the space for civil society actors to participate in decision making that affects them. The common objective of all programme partners is to empower young people, promote youth participation in society and defend youth rights. Due to global interdependencies, improved well-being and the participation of young people in developing countries also benefit Finns. The message of the programme to Finnish youth is that their actions have global significance, supporting their growth as active global citizens.

Global citizenship education and development communications are also key elements of the ODW Finland’s development cooperation programme. The programme aims to increase the capabilities of Finnish youth to take action in the global framework, and to promote solidarity In Finland, global citizenship education and development communications are being carried out nationally and both in Finnish and Swedish.

The development cooperation programme 2018–2021 describes more specifically the principals and goals of ODW Finland’s activities. Programme is funded with both programme support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and with funds from Finnish student’s and school children’s Operation A Day’s work (Taksvärkki) fundraising collection.