Storycrafting book now available in English

A new English version of Operation a Day’s Work in Finland’s very popular guide book Your Mango, My Mango, Our Mango – Storycrafting across Cultures is now available online.

The book is designed for professionals, educators and teachers working in development projects as well as in global education.
The book contains children’s stories from Bangladesh, Zambia and Finland. The aim is to provide different perspectives for those working in development cooperation and education as to how to use storycrafting in their own working environment.

Basic instructions on the storycrafting method are presented at the end of the book in several languages.

Storycrafting promotes participatory and democratic communication between children and adults. Its starting point is the UN Convention for the Rights of the Child and it has a particular emphasis on the articles concerning the freedom of self-expression of the child as well as his/her right to be heard.

Storycrafting has been used successfully among children with immigrant backgrounds to strengthen their self-confidence and ways of expression. Along with the stories from developing countries like Bangladesh and Zambia, thoughts and experiences of multicultural children in Finland have also been included in this book.

The method of storycrafting enables children to get familiar with each other’s lives and the ways others think and feel. The book also includes stories from a storycrafting project in Zambia in which both local and Finnish youth took part.

From Bangladesh, children who have been forced into hard labour and now go to school also share their narratives in this book. Storycrafting gave them the freedom to contemplate and process their everyday lives.

The authors of the book are experts in their fields in Finland. Liisa Karlsson has researched and developed storycrafting over two decades. Tiina-Maria Levamo specialises in participatory methods in development cooperation and global education. Salla Siukonen is a teacher of Finnish as a second language.

Your Mango, My Mango, Our Mango – Storycrafting across Cultures can be read, printed and downloaded from here.