Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa that is bordered by Liberia and Guinea.

5 facts about Sierra Leone

23 different languages are spoken in Sierra Leone. Only 42 % of over 15-year-olds are literate. According to the UN, Sierra Leone is the 177th most developed country in the world. Finland ranks 21st. The Star of Sierra Leone is the 3rd biggest diamond ever found. A mere 1–5 % of Sierra Leoneans are estimated to have access to electricity.

Sierra Leone in a nutshell

from Great Britain on April 27, 1961
Ernest Bai Koroma
Other notable cities
Bo, Kenema, Makeni
71 740 km² (118th in the world)
5 612 685 (2013 estimate)
Population living in poverty
53 %
Urban population
39 %
Population growth
2,3 % (2013 estimate)
Literacy rate
42 %
English, Temne, Mende, Krio
8.28 billion USD (2012 estimate)
GDP per capita
1,344 USD (2012 estimate)
Economic structure
agriculture 49 %, industry 31 %, services 21 % of GDP

Education for Sierra Leone by Obi Phrase and The Cross Cultures Band. This song was made for the Taksvärkki campaign 2013-2014.
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More than 20 different languages are spoken in Sierra Leone, the most common of which is Krio. These simple phrases in Krio will help you get around in Freetown and virtually all Sierra Leone.

Hello! – Kusheh-o!
Good morning! – Mohnin sa! (when greeting a man) Mohnin ma! (when greeting a woman)
How are you? – Aw Di bodi?
I’m fine. – Di bodi fine.
Thank you. – Tenki ya.