ODW campaign 2013–2014 – School is for everybody

In the 2013–2014 Operation a Day’s Work Finland (Taksvärkki ry) campaign, entitled SCHOOL IS FOR EVERYBODY, Sierra Leonean youth are in the limelight. Through taking part in the ODW campaign, Finnish youth support their Sierra Leone peers in building a more equal and just Sierra Leone for all.

The annual ODW Workday is one of the highlights of the Finnish school year. By spending one day at work and donating their pay to ODW Finland’s Sierra Leone campaign, Finnish youth fund a three- to five-year development cooperation project in Sierra Leone. The aim of the project is to give youth in Sierra Leone a stronger voice in developing their communities and society in general. This is done by facilitating the improvement of their life skills and education and by reducing the barriers the youth face in accessing education.

ODW Finland’s Sierra Leonean partner organization CCYA will implement the project in four districts around the country. To be launched in January 2014, the project will involve supporting the basic education and vocational schooling of young people, particularly girls, living in small towns and villages. Youth will be informed about life skills such as reproductive health. They will also learn about human rights and about ways to get their voice heard in society. By organizing events and making radio programs they spread information and encourage others to join in.

In Finland, the ODW campaign has a strong development education component. ODW volunteers visit elementary and secondary schools all over the country and tell about Sierra Leone and its active youth. These workshops are complemented by high-quality learning materials and study packages for teachers. The goal is to raise a sense of global responsibility in Finnish young people and to build links between youth in Finland and in Sierra Leone.

Young people have what it takes to change the world. That is why they are protagonists, not merely beneficiaries in this development cooperation project. The annual ODW campaign is young people’s own development cooperation, from youth to youth.

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