Partner organizations Barefeet and Undugu


The programme coordinator of Barefeet Theatre, Taonga Tembo tells about the work they are doing with street children and youth in Zambia.

In the Taksvärkki campaign, Finnish youth support long-term development cooperation efforts in Zambia and Kenya. The beneficiaries of the three- to five-year long projects are vulnerable children and youth. The projects are implemented by Taksvärkki’s partner organizations in Zambia and Kenya, Barefeet and Undugu, respectively.

BAREFEET THEATRE is a Zambian NGO that strives to empower street children and other vulnerable youth in Zambia using e.g. theatre and acrobatics. In the Barefeet Children’s Council, street children and youth learn life skills and work to promote the rights of street children.

UNDUGU SOCIETY OF KENYA is an NGO that works with children and youth living in the Kenyan slums. Undugu helps street youth form associations so they can support each other, learn a profession and begin to earn a living.