Stanley Musonda

AGE: 19.

HOMETOWN: Lusaka, Zambia.

FAMILY: Father, brothers and stepsisters .

EDUCATION: I stopped going to school when my mother died. I was 10. I ran away from home and started to live on the streets.
I went back to school four years ago. I’m now in grade 9.

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: I make music. I sing about my life and what I’ve passed through.
In my free time I listen to music, read, write, and play football.

GOALS IN LIFE: I want to release my first album. I want to prove I can become someone in life. If I become someone in life, I can also help my friends.

MESSAGE: Everyone has a chance to change.

Grace Sakala

AGE: 17.

HOMETOWN: Lusaka, Zambia.

FAMILY: Mother and eight siblings.

EDUCATION: I completed my grade 12 last year. Now I’m doing ICT, which is Information, Communication and Technology.

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: I am a member of the Barefeet Children’s Council which advocates in behalf of people and youth who are voiceless. We also inspire other youths to take action.
In my free time I hang out with my friends or take a walk. On Sundays I usually go to church.

GOALS IN LIFE: I hope to study to become a doctor and build my own foundation for disabled children.

MOTTO: Never look behind but always forward.

4 facts about street children

In the large cities of Kenya and Zambia, there are tens of thousands of street children and youth. Most of them are boys. Street children either live on the streets or spend a large share of their time there. Most street children and youth do not go to school. The most common reasons that lead a child to live and work on the streets are problems at home, the loss of one or both parents or poverty.

Stanley and Grace

Stanley and Grace are two Zambian youth. Stanley is a former street kid, while Grace promotes the rights of children and youth as a volunteer.

GRACE: I am a member of the Barefeet Children’s Council. We advocate for the rights of street children and youth. We go and talk to street children, encouraging and supporting them.

We do different kinds of activities, such as dance, theatre and singing. Usually we meet on Saturdays to talk about some of the issues that affect youths and the solutions and how we can spread the news out there.

Our work is very important because some of the youths will be inspired with what we do and will try to join us to fight this battle together.

STANLEY: My father always told me that I can’t become someone in life. I used to do bad things, I used to sniff glue, I used to smoke.

Everyone has a chance to change. I’m a good example, because I used to live on the street but I’ve changed. I want to prove that I can become someone in life. Now I can see my future positive.

”If I become someone in life, I can also help my friends.”

– Stanley

”Many see street kids as useless people.”

– Grace