Taksvärkki campaign 2014–2015

The aim of the EVERYDAY IDOLS campaign is to provide education and a safe environment for street children and youth.

Taksvärkki is young people’s own development cooperation, from youth to youth.

15 €

Skills training course for one youth.

150 €

Start up grants for 6 youths to establish small business.

1500 €

A one-month rehabilitation and skills training camp for 30 children.

What do we achieve?

Street children and youth will gain more self-confidence, get off the streets and get a chance for a better future.

In the Taksvärkki campaign, Finnish youth support long-term development cooperation efforts in Zambia and Kenya.

Join the Campaign!

Taksvärkki gives Finnish schools and youth the chance to support street children and youth in Zambia and Kenya.

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In Taksvärkki a student works for one day and donates the earnings for the Taksvärkki fundraising.
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Videot – Nuorten ääniä

I started living on the streets when I was 10. Now I want to prove that I can become someone in life.
- Stanley, Zambia
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Kahden nuoren tarinat

My name is Stanley Musonda, and I am 19 years old. My artist name is Smacki Jay. I used to live on the streets.

I stopped going to school when my mother died. I was 10. I was very confused in my mind. I felt bad, and then I ran away from home.

Everyone has a chance to change. I’m a good example. I make music and sing about my life and what I’ve passed through. I want to release my first album.

I want to prove that I can become someone in life. Now I can see my future positive.

My name is Grace Sakala. I am 17 years old. I am a member of the Barefeet Children’s Council. We advocate for the rights of street children.

Usually we meet on Saturdays to talk about some of the issues that affect youths and the solutions and how we can spread the news out there. We do different kinds of activities, such as dance, theatre and singing.

Many see street kids as useless people. Our work is very important because some of the youths will be inspired with what we do and will try to join us to fight this battle together.

I want to work for the children and youth who are voiceless.
- Grace, Zambia
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Katunuoret Sambiassa ja Keniassa

You can easily get into bad company on the streets. I want to go back to school, get an education and learn a profession.
-Bernard, 17, Kenya
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Katujen elämää kuvina

Everybody can change. If I become someone in life I can also help my friends.
- Stanley, 19, Zambia
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