Young changemakers

How do you want to make a change?
Youth from Nepal and Finland share their views.

8th grader, Ashmita, 14, is worried over peers who get bullied at school.
“They keep it as a secret. This can influence on their well-being and lead to depression. If someone is being bullied, they can tell it to any student council member. We help to solve the problem.”

”Youth don’t always understand each other. They argue over things without knowing the facts. The world is everyone’s home and I want people to respect each other.”Ashmita, 14, Nepal

”If I participate in Taksvärkki, I’m able to help a young person like myself to have the same possibilities as I have.”Ella, 15, Finland
”Youth face similar challenges everywhere in the world. First the challenges need to be recognized and then we can solve them together.”Chandani, 17, Nepal

Chandani, 17, talks about the challenges to the school attendance of girls.
“There are menstrual taboos in Nepal. In the past when we didn’t have a room for resting and good toilet facilities in our school, the girls left home as soon as their periods started”

”Majority of the youth would like to get a good job, but bad employment situation and lack of hope lead young people to wrong paths for example using drugs.”Salin, 14, Nepal

”Participating in Taksvärkki campaign, is one way to make a difference and make the world a better place.”Sakke, 18, Finland
”We’ve learned about menstruation together with boys. Old and incorrect beliefs are now a thing of the past. We are the new generation.”Barsha, 16, Nepal

Chandani has been a student council member in her school for four years. She wants to encourage everyone to participate in the society.
”One of the most important things in the student council is the possibility to share your problems with others. Everyone has the freedom to express themselves without being judged.”

”Before I was shy and didn’t want to speak in front of people. I have been able to improve my presentation skills and have gained more self-confidence.”Prakash, 15, Nepal

”My wish is that people would be treated equally everywhere in the world. And that everyone would share responsibility over common issues.”Sonja, 17, Finland
”I want to end all discrimination on the grounds of caste, religion, culture, language, identity or gender. That will make our world a better place.”Supriya, 16, Nepal