Youth of the village schools

Active student council members from Nepalese village schools

We have organized cleaning projects, debates, contests and quizzes at our school. In addition, we’ve gone door-to-door in the villages speaking about water purification.

Rukmani, 16

Thanks to the student board our school environment is now clean and tidy and we’ve got drinking water.

Bipin, 13

The importance of education lies in the fact that it diminishes discrimination in our village and inequality between women and men.

Sagar, 15

Some girls, also some friends of mine, have quit school after they got married.

Rajendra, 16

I want to become a political leader because I want things to change. Before the student board I was scared to speak in public, nowadays I’m not afraid of anything.

Chandika, 14

We can tell the parents about the importance of education so that they would send their children to school. I’d like to see our school to have more toilets, clean drinking water and an internet connection.

Sargam, 17

I have been active in the student board for four years. My speaking skills have improved, I’ve been making changes and sharing information with fellow students at my school.

Subash, 17

Student council’s meeting in Swamitar village in Chitwan

oppilaskunnan hallitus Swamitarin kylä 3

“Our actions are making a change in schools and villages.” – Sargam, 17

Romee seinalehti

“On the wall magazine we publish stories, essays, poems and comics written by the students.” – Romee, 16

oppilaskunnan hallitus Swamitarin kylä 2
The student board members change attitudes and develop their villages and schools. The active student board members do advocacy work, develop water distribution and toilets in schools and support the unprivileged.