Martha Mphwele

AGE: 18

HOME: Mdzodzo village, Mangochi, Malawi

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: I am the chairperson at my youth club, and also a trained peer educator. At our youth club we teach each other different things. We also talk with the parents to help them see the dangers of early marriages.

DREAM: I want to become a police officer because I want to change things in my community. The change I want is that girls should have the opportunity to go further with their education, and get good jobs.

Taona Kayiwe

AGE: 20

HOME: Secondary school dormitory, Salima, Malawi.

GOALS IN LIFE: I want to be a language teacher. My grandmother, she was an MP, so to me she was also my role model that I can also be a member of parliament and I can also be a teacher. Here in my community some women or men don’t know the importance of educating a girl child.

DREAM:I’d like to encourage my fellow girls to go to school and to be focus on what we are going to achieve in the future.

“We ask everyone to take part so that we can also build their public speaking skills. Public comes in large numbers especially when we are having an interactive drama.”Syphert, 16

“Such issues were never discussed publicly, but through the establishment of youth clubs, the community can talk about them and start changing things.” Peter, 23

“Some parents say they can’t send their girls to school. I think that this is wrong. The jobs that a boy can do, the same job a girl can do.” Doreen, 19