Self-confidence, education and equality for girls in Malawi!

In Taksvärkki you support groups for girls and youth and their life skills education.

In Taksvärkki the student works for a day and donates the fee for Taksvärkki campaign.

Taksvärkki day can be any day during the school year.

Taksvärkki is youth’s own development cooperation, from youth to youth.


This campaign has ended.
Use THIS LINK for the new Taksvärkki campaign page for the school year 2019–2020.


In the 2017–2018 Operation a Day’s Work (Taksvärkki) campaign, titled VOICE FOR THE GIRLS, youth from rural areas in Malawi are in the limelight. By taking part in the ODW campaign, Finnish youth support their peers in Malawi.

The annual Taksvärkki or ODW Workday is one of the highlights of the Finnish school year. By spending one day at work and donating their pay to ODW Finland’s campaign, Finnish youth fund long-term development cooperation project in Malawi. The aim is to give girls in Malawi a stronger voice – through peer support, education and life skills they will gain self-confidence and knowledge to make informed decisions regarding their own life.

Youth group members in villages will change attitudes and develop new policies together with parents and village elders. ODW’s local partner organization CYECE is in charge of the practical implementation of the project.

In Finland, the ODW campaign has a strong development education component. ODW volunteers visit elementary and secondary schools all over the country and tell about active youth in Malawi and children’s rights. These workshops are complemented by high-quality learning materials and study packages for teachers. The goal is to raise a sense of global responsibility in Finnish youth and to build links between youth in Finland and Malawi.

Young people have what it takes to change the world. That is why they are protagonists, not merely beneficiaries in ODW’s development cooperation projects. The annual ODW campaign is young people’s own development cooperation, from youth to youth.

On the right hand column, there is a list of all the schools whose students have donated one of their school days for youth in Malawi. Click to see the schools on the map.

TEACHER YOU CAN ENROLL your school in the campaign here. (The form is in Finnish.)

The patroness of the Taksvärkki campaign is President Tarja Halonen.