Khushi Praga

AGE: 13

HOME VILLAGE: Yauralitar, Nepal.

FAMILY: Father, mother, three younger brothers and four big sisters.

EDUCATION: I’m on third grade. Every morning I run off to school without telling my parents. They think education is not important. I’m the only one in our family who goes to school. It takes me an hour to walk along mountain paths to the nearest school which is in the neighboring village.

FAVORITE THINGS: I like my school and all the subjects we study there. I’m happy when I learn new things. I like singing and dancing, it always gets me in a good mood.

GOALS IN LIFE: I’d like to finish my studies and get a job.

Subash Dahal

AGE: 17

HOME VILLAGE: Mirge, Nepal.

FAMILY: Mom, dad, grandfather and two younger brothers.

EDUCATION: I’m on 10th grade. Soon we’ll have final exams, we take an exam in eight subjects. In the future I’d like to study ICT. My favorite things at school are friends, teachers and ICT classes. I wish our school had Internet.

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: I play basketball and badminton. My favorite student council activities are door-to-door information campaigns in the village, quiz competitions and cleaning projects.

GOALS IN LIFE: I’d like to come back to our school as a qualified teacher and make the pupils in our school successful. I’m also interested in working with the student councils.