3 reasons to choose Taksvärkki

Young changemakers

Youth in youth groups and student councils in many countries are working to tackle discrimination faced by people with disabilities. Together we can bring about change


Sometimes I gather all the young ones around here and I talk to them and I tell them that education is the best thing for a woman.”

Mamie, 15, Sierra Leone

The proceeds from the Taksvärkki fundraising are used to support young people making an impact, for example through these means:

15 €

A three-day camp on influencing skills for one young person in Nepal.

60 €

A one hour radio show in support of disability rights in Sierra Leone.

200 €

A data collection process carried out by young people in communities on child marriage, sexual rights and on education-related themes in Malawi.

Messages from young changemakers

Materials for teachers

Learning materials, workshops and video clips.

Enroll your school

Organize a traditional Taksvärkki Day where everyone works for one day to support youth in Nepal or help your students to organize their own fundraising event.

How it all works in Taksvärkki fundraising

Sydän ääriviivat ja ympyrä jossa euron merkki.

Taksvärkki (ODW) fundraising

Youth in Finland raise funds by working for a day and donating their pay to Taksvärkki campaign.

Yksinkertainen piirros maapallosta.

Partner organizations in 6 countries

The proceeds from the Taksvärkki fundraising are used to support youth advocacy work in Guatemala, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Zambia and Sierra Leone. Taksvärkki’s partner organization’s projects promote equality.

Ääriviivoin kuvatut kolme henkilöä ja kolme puhekuplaa.

Promoting youth participation

Young people work together with adults and decision-makers. Taksvärkki supports conditions for young people to participate in the development of their own communities.