“You make a difference” – The campaign has begun!

The new campaign of Taksvärkki – “You make a difference” – focuses on youth’s thoughts on influencing and the future. In the campaign, young influencers from Sierra Leone talk about making a difference.

The Sierra Leonean youth dreams about education, equality, and a peaceful future. However, poverty, corruption, inequality, and climate change have taken a toll on the influencing opportunities.

Nevertheless, many problems have been tackled and the people are making an effort to ensure a peaceful future for Sierra Leone. The young Sierra Leonean changemakers promote equality and inclusion of people with disabilities as well as address harmful practices and prevent sexual violence.

“You make a difference” workshop focuses on root causes

“You make a difference” workshop (90 min) aims at strengthening critical thinking and societal influencing of students in middle and secondary schools. In the workshop, youth are encouraged to ponder on what kind of future they want to create.

In the longer version of the workshop (180 min), the students will plan and execute a project in a small group in which they will practice influencing a theme that excites the group. For example, the project can be an opinionated video on TikTok or an informative event at school. In the workshop, the students will learn how to use their personal strengths as leverage in influencing.

Order a workshop for your school here. The workshops are held in Finnish or Swedish.

Taksvärkki fundraising day is a possibility to make a difference together!

Taksvärkki fundraising day can be held on any day during the school year. During the day the students will get familiar with a job they are interested in. Alternatively, the school can for example organize an event, a café, or a concert. The revenue will be directed to Taksvärkki fundraising.

Thanks to the revenue collected in Taksvärkki fundraising, we can keep supporting the inclusion and human rights of youth not only in Sierra Leone but also in Guatemala, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal, and Zambia.

Let’s make tomorrow just for everyone. Join the campaign here!