Volunteers make Taksvärkki

Many thanks to all you volunteers of Taksvärkki for giving your own time for a better future.

Taksvärkki’s group of volunteers contribute to the progress of the Sustainable Development Goals at a local, national and international level.

“Civic action and the sustainable work of organizations can only be based on volunteering. Without the enthusiasm of volunteers, the Taksvärkki organization would never have been established”, says Lauri Peltonen, Executive Director of Taksvärkki.

“This year, too, dozens of our volunteers have developed our operations and spread our common messages further. Through the volunteer work of thousands of students and adult fundraisers, we consider the foundation of our operations to be strong and evolving. Thank you to all our volunteers!”

In addition to all those volunteering in the school world and in our workgroups, we would like to thank all the changemakers in the Kapua2020Nepal and OmaKapuaNepal2020 teams. During the year, Kapua has raised funds in various ways for Taksvärkki’s development cooperation and to support student unions in Nepal.

Online workshops and new materials

The picture in this article shows some of Taksvärkki’s volunteer global educators. School visits have largely been held online for the time being, but volunteers have still had enough energy as online global educators and in developing materials for global citizenship education.

“The previous months have accommodated many different variables. On behalf of Taksvärkki, I would like to thank our volunteers for their flexibility. And for enabling work for the rights of young people even during such a time when we have not been able to work in person”, says Matti Pihlajamaa, Taksvärkki’s Global Education Officer.

“During the autumn, global education educators have aroused the interest of hundreds of young people across Finland to influence equality and other global issues. In addition, they have been involved in the development of materials for current online workshops.”

This year has brought various challenges to all activities, but fortunately Taksvärkki has wonderful and flexible volunteers. Without you volunteers, there would be no Taksvärkki! Thank you!