“My life turned 180 degrees” – Redes Juveniles 10 years later

In the videos “Redes Juveniles 10 years later” former youth activists reminisce about their activities in youth network groups in Guatemala. The interviews of eight former youth activists are now published on the YouTube channel of ODW Finland. The videos have English subtitles.

Redes Juveniles youth network groups were established in ten different regions in Guatemala in the first cooperation project of ODW Finland and the Guatemalan NGO PAMI in the years 2007—2011. The members of these youth groups were educated on children’s rights, safety skills, and societal influencing among other things.

The activities of the groups were youth-led, and the trainings were aligned with the methods of critical pedagogy. The youth groups were visible at the local level, and the messages of the youth gained lots of recognition in local media. In addition to the information and influencing work, the youngsters instructed workshops about children’s rights in local schools.

However, the most important impact of the project happened on a personal level. The perceptions of oneself, the surrounding world, and possibilities as members of the society changed in the minds of the participating youth.

”This experience marked my life and changed it in a very positive way. My life turned 180 degrees”, says the now 29-year-old Samuel Domis, who took part in the project in the years 2008—2010.

Through the project, youngsters who were living in challenging circumstances were able to grow up in a safe space as well as evolve as members of the society and a positive peer group. The members of the youth groups grew up to become actives in their local communities. They applied to study fields relevant to the development of their communities and ended up dealing with topics related to societal change in their working lives.

Redes Juveniles 10 years later
The video clips on ODW Finland’s YouTube channel were filmed by eight people who used to participate in the activities of a youth network group in Guatemala. In the videos, the former members of the groups look back at the experiences and talk about the positive effects the activities of PAMI’s youth network have had in their lives. In conclusion, Redes Juveniles offered a positive space for growth for these youngsters as well as a possibility to find their potential.

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