Youth making a change in Zambia

“We are the future leaders. The main point of us being educated is for development and to reduce the number of poverty.” Deborah, 14, from Kaoma, Zambia, has it very clear why youth need to stand up and defend their rights.

Deborah is an active member of the Barefeet Children’s Council in her home town, Kaoma. She has learned a lot through the Children’s Council, and feels that their actions are truly changing her community. Together with the other members of the Children’s Council, Deborah is using poetry and drama to talk publicly about child abuse, teenage pregnancies and children’s rights.

“What I’m doing is really helping. And I’m proud that when I do that they really get the message and at least something changes.”

In the video clip (in English with subtitles in Finnish) Deborah introduces the activities of the Barefeet Children’s Council in Kaoma.

“We do things for somebody out there, who is facing challenges. We make sure that their voices are heard.” Isaac, 18, is a proud member of the Barefeet Children’s Council in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. Helping other youth through outreaches makes him feel good.

Isaac himself has learned to manage his life through the trainings offered by the Children’s Council. Now he wants to train and motivate other young people, and to share important information. “If I can do this, anybody else can do it.”

The members of the Children’s Councils in Zambia are changing attitudes by talking about problems affecting their communities. Isaac is one of many offering their support. “If someone is facing violence or sexual abuse and does not know what to do, we will help. We will tell what to do and where to get help.”

In the video clip Isaac talks about different ways of making a change in his community.

This school year in the Taksvärkki / Operation a Day’s Work campaign youth in Zambia are in the limelight. Through taking part in the ODW campaign and fundraising, Finnish youth support Zambian youth who share information using Theatre for Development, defend those without a voice and inspire other youth to act against discrimination.

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