Taksvärkki ry’s Lukuralli Readathon inspired Finnish pupils to read and increased their understanding of the importance of literacy and children’s rights. During Lukuralli Readathon, pupils read at home and at school during four weeks. At the same time, funds were raised for Taksvärkki ry’s activities in Nepal through reading sponsors.

Readathon and Taksvärkki's project in Nepal

By participating in Lukuralli Readathon, Finnish children and young people supported Taksvärkki ry’s multi-year development cooperation project in Nepal. The project of the Nepalese partner organisation ECCA (Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness) increased opportunities for pupils to participate in the development of their own school environment and communities and strengthened cooperation between pupils’ councils and other actors in schools in order to develop learning environments. The project also promoted the inclusion of disabled people and raised awareness of the right to education of children and young persons with disabilities. Fifteen schools from Eastern Nepal participated.

Examples of the results of the Nepal project

  • Pupil councils have given pupils the opportunity to make their voices heard and put issues of concern to young people on the agenda.
  • Pupil councils have opened doors for young people to participate in collective decision-making.
  • New toilets for girls have been built and old toilet facilities have been renovated in the partner schools.
  • Hand-washing stations have been built in schools and clean drinking water has been made available to pupils.
  • Menstrual hygiene education has raised awareness of menstruation and encouraged girls to talk about a subject considered taboo.
  • Support was provided to partner schools in Eastern Nepal to provide safe, local education after the COVID19 lockdowns, including the provision of disinfectants, face masks and portable hand-washing stations, and the production of information materials.

More information about Taksvärkki ry’s development cooperation project in Nepal here.

In the years 2018–2023, 10 181 pupils and 341 school classes participated in Lukuralli Readathon. During the first school year of Lukuralli in 2018–2019, funds were collected to girls education in Malawi. Find more information about Taksvärkki ry’s development cooperation project in Malawi here.


Neljä iloista nepalilaista koululaista kouluvihkot käsissään.
Nepalese pupils holding notebooks on their hands.

Readathon materials

To support Lukuralli Readathon, we created a teacher’s material package with class exercises. Lukuralli Readathon can be linked to many different subjects and offers a way to study various themes of global education together with the pupils. In addition to subject-specific goals, Lukuralli Readathon also supports the transversal competence goals of the curriculum for basic education. Knowledge of the importance of literacy and children’s rights will be gained with the pedagogic material and class exercises, while getting to know the thoughts and school life of the children in Nepal. Lukuralli Readathon is a great opportunity to challenge students to read more in their free time and to discuss the themes at home as well.

Find Lukuralli’s free teaching materials for school classes here (in Finnish)

Readathon exercises (pdf in Finnish)

Readathon tips (pdf in Finnish)

Readathon passports (pdf in Finnish)

The fundraising campaign for Taksvärkki via Lukuralli Readathon has ended, but the materials are still free to use in the daily life of schools. You can register your school for the traditional Taksvärkki fundraiser on the campaign website.

More information:

Readathon gazelles drawing together.

Readathon video

In the video below, you can listen nepalese students thoughs about the importance of literacy skills.The video clip has subtitles in English, Finnish and Swedish. You can also change other subtitles settings such as font size from the gear icon in the video’s lower right corner in YouTube. If the video is not displayed normally, you must first accept cookies by pressing the Accept cookies button at the bottom of the page. You can find this video clip also on our YouTube channel.