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Make a donation to support Taksvärkki’s work for youth!

Operation a Day’s Work (ODW) Finland or Taksvärkki ry is a non-governmental organization whose objective is to improve the living conditions and promote the human rights of children and young people in developing countries and to encourage young Finnish people towards global solidarity.

Learn more about our on-going campaign and youth in Zambia on our campaign website.

By donating you will support a development cooperation project in Zambia where youth groups distribute information on children’s rights and offer peer to peer support for other youth. Theatre for development and workshops for youth are the tools that these Barefeet Children Councils use to get their voices heard and inspire their fellow youth to act for equal treatment for all boys and girls.

Call and donate

Donate 10 € for youth in Zambia, calls within Finland 0600 13132 (10,01 € + pvm/mpm)
Donate 20 € for youth in Zambia, calls within Finland 0600 15152 (20,28 € + pvm/mpm)

Donate using MobilePay

You can donate any amount you wish using MobilePay number 30308.

Donate by bank transfer

Taksvärkki ry bank account number for donations is Nordea FI96 1521 3000 101453,
please use reference number 1313.
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